India’s premier Diversity & Inclusion consulting with a mission of Social Equity by affirmative action for LGBTI community in India. Through a customized suite of expertise and solutions, we enable organizations to foster inclusion. In 2019, we organized Asia’s First and Biggest LGBTI Conference, Job Fair and Marketplace with over 50 speakers from around the world, 45 sponsor organizations, resulting in 43 job offers with annual aggregate CTC of INR 3.9 crores (USD 550,000), called RISE – ‘Reimagining Inclusion for Social Equity’.

We work with over 150 Indian & Multinational companies across India, conduct Audit & Assessments, Training & Sensitization, Industry Roundtables, Job Placement, Research & Publications. With our experience & growing roster of national & international partner companies, governments & non-profit organizations, Pride Circle is leading the LGBTI inclusion revolution in India.

Our Focus Areas  

  • Meet-up: India & Beyond
  • WhatsApp Groups: 10 Cities
  • June Pride Month: Celebrations & events 
  • LGBTI Marketplace: Enabling Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Giving Back 
  • Counselling & Mental Health
  • Road To RISE: Skill Building Workshops
  • T.A.G: Referral Program 

  • OUT Hire: Hiring and placement
  • OUT Reach: Webinar series on 6 steps to LGBTI Inclusion
  • OUT Grow: LGBTI Mentoring Program
  • OUT Learn: LGBTI Reverse Mentoring Program 
  • OUT Speak: LGBTI Speaker Bureau 
  • OUT Talks: Coming Out Stories of LGBTI & Allies
  • OUT Standing: Spotlighting LGBTI & Allies
  • D&I Roundtable: Across 6 cities
  • Assessment & Audit, Consulting & Sensitization
Research & Content
  • LGBTI Terminology 101
  • Ally Guide – For Individuals & Organizations
  • Parents guide 
  • Trans Inclusion Report
  • Workplace Equality Fact Sheet
  • LGBTI Art Bank
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Our Trusted Partners

Inclusion Revolution started on July 12, 2019

It’s time to RISE, Again

Welcome to the World Of Infinite Opportunities

Brain spa where the Changemakers, Thought leaders, Disruptors from around the world come together to inspire, empower & influence the future leaders. The outcome – Transformative growth & Inclusion.

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Ramkrishna Sinha
Naina Agarwal
Head – Hiring & Partnerships
Varun Khanna
Head – International Partnerships & Outreach

Meet Our Team

Kavya T
Community Manager
Prachi Yadav
Research & Content
Hemant Yadav
Community Manager
Sonali Sharma
Social Media

Meet Our Team

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Community Manager
Admin & HR
Program Coordinator
Hemant K
Program Coordinator

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