Meet . Belong . Transform

OUT Hire

With growing war for talent and business imperative of diversity in the workforce, we understand that hiring LGBTI talent can be a Herculean task. Look no further for we bridge you with talent across India.

OUT Reach

A series of 6 webinars of 6 steps to LGBTI inclusion, where we bring real life examples from the doers. The series will help you get started, to sustain & scale your efforts by learning from the best!

OUT Grow

Mentoring program exclusively for the community by the community, meet mentors who have been in your shoes and turned the tide upside down & are riding them now. 


OUT Learn

Reverse Mentoring opportunity for business leaders to learn from the community members through face-2-face interaction to learn about the nuances of SOGIE, the challenges and opportunities at the workplace, and ways be amazing allies.

OUT Speak

A Speaker Bureau of stars from the community and allies whose stories with move you, inspire your workforce and make us all better.

OUT Talks

Coming Out stories of LGBTI community members and allies, it doesn’t get more real than listening from the horse’s mouth. Move from concepts to humanity, meet the community for they are your colleagues, competitors, mentors.

Assessment & Audit

A dip-stick into the culture of the workplace for culture is the intangible, unwritten code of conduct which can be welcoming or silencing. A comprehensive way to help identify the gaps of intent to result.


We know the same shoe doesn’t fit everyone, we work with you on your charter of inclusion which fit you, your culture, your goal and your vision.


Its starts with exposure, our mantra on LGBT inclusion is Visibility > Familiarity > Conversation > Understanding > Acceptance.

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