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LGBTI Terminology 101

The alphabet soup can get confusing, don’t worry we have you covered with a 101 on LGBT terminology which will help you understand the various identities in the community.

Ally Guide

Don’t we all wish to have a guide to help navigate unknown terrains? A little guide book on how to be a lovely ally will set you good

Trans Inclusion Report

A comprehensive guide on transgender awareness, identities, challenges, opportunities and best practices from the industry

Workplace Equality Fact Sheet

A snapshot of LGBTI inclusion & experience at Indian workplaces.

LGBTI Art Bank

Inclusion needs the heart to open, and there is no better medium than art to get there. Be it movies, theatre, painting, poem etc various means of communication which will help audience be in the rainbow shoes.

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

AMAs with the brilliant thought leaders & change makers to get all your queries answered.

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