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What People Say

"I love the conversations. Its fun and the best part is that there is no right or wrong but everyone's opinion matters. Definitely makes one feel relevant in a space which requires so much of work. I learn new things everyday, Srini and Ram - Thank you for your endless support in this learning. The Pride Circle meet ups are insightful and engaging."


Customer Back Office Lead , SAP Logistics Business Networks

"This was my first corporate Pride Circle meeting. It was a very informative session. it's heartening to see such passion and commitment from the team to bring marginalized communities into mainstream. As a professional, I am conscious and mindful of the impact of inclusion and how my demeanour and behaviour impacts the culture I set for my team and work mates."


F&A Account Relationship Lead - EMEA, IBM

"I attended the Bangalore January session - It was a great forum to discuss issues with implementing a pride efforts. There were so many ideas that I picked up that can be easily implemented in helping us drive the pride alliance group in our organization…well worth the time spent!!”


Senior Customer Experience Program Manager, Citrix

"The value of your voice is understood when you are silenced for no mistake of yours for so long. Pride Circle gives that voice for LGBT community in corporate environment. Let's together be a change that we want to see in our society and march towards equality. Pride circle is a great initiative and I'm proud to be part of it."


Marketing Consultant

“Kudos to PRIDE circle for building an amazing platform where people come together to share a common vision and personal journeys to ensure that we truly create an inclusive society. It provides the foundation to build allies across organisations to make a meaningful difference in this space. Thanks to Srini and Ram for their incredible work and passion towards this cause.”


Total Rewards Partner – Global Delivery Centers & PRIDE Network - India Chair, Intuit

“Pride was setup at ANZ, India in Dec 2017. Ram and Srini from Pride Circle partnered with ANZ to guide and mentor us through our journey. They mentored the core leadership team through the tricky ground of language and symbolism, and also had partnered with us in sensitization programs for our employees. Pride Circle has been our advisory partner for the last couple of years and we have found their guidance and encouragement invaluable. Thank you!"

Pride Team

ANZ India

“Pride Circle is becoming the voice of LGBT+ community across India. From raising awareness in the society, bringing together corporates and coaching them to create safe and inclusive workplaces, Pride Circle is doing some path-breaking work and championing much needed change in the society.”


Marketing Communications Director, MNC

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